Is this an agency?

No, I’m an SEO Consultant. Hi, I’m Brett Elliott, the creator of this website and an SEO Consultant in Des Moines who specializes in helping businesses achieve growth multipliers through organic search. I’m sorry if it seems confusing at first, since I’m using the name “Optimize Theory” instead of my full name.

When I first created the website it was meant to be a blog. It has slowly been attracting business owners looking for help, and I’ve adjusted the content over time to reflect that. I use the royal “we” in articles and on some of the pages too, but that’s more force of habit from copywriting for clients than anything else. I’ll occasionally partner with a designer or developer for contract work when required.

In the past I’ve worked for agencies while doing consulting on the side. It’s a matter of maintaining ethical boundaries and deliberately choosing not to compete or pursue opportunities that might be viewed as competitive. Currently, I’m actively seeking a new role with an agency and intend to continue a productive working relationship as I’ve done previously.

So, you do take on client work?

Absolutely. Local SEO retainers are my bread and butter, but I also perform audits, white hat backlinking, on-page optimization, and technical SEO projects. Essentially the full spectrum of SEO. I’m entirely focused on providing the best business result for my clients, which can significantly alter the type of work I’m performing.

I especially enjoy working on small to medium size businesses who have an impact on their local economies and communities. SEO can be an amazing growth channel for these businesses, and it brings me a lot of pride and satisfaction to know my work helps support them. It’s also easier to form a collaborative partnership with these types of businesses as compared to large corporations. Larger clients can be satisfying to work on as well because you can have an outsized impact due to scale, but it is more challenging due to organizational morrass.

Why should we work with you?

Simply put, I’m a different type of SEO because I don’t treat search engine optimization as a marketing silo. I take into consideration your unique needs and challenges as a business, the competitive environment, the cost of advertising in other channels, and help you define a strategy that turns traffic into leads and leads into sales. In the end, most SEO Consultants and agencies will hand you a keyword report and say their job is done. I’ll work with you to grow your business. That’s how I managed to achieve greater than 108X ROI for an SEO campaign with a landscaping client.

How do we get in touch with you?

For privacy reasons, I keep my phone number and address off the site. However you can reach me through any of the forms on this website. It will send an email directly to me, and I will respond within 24 hours.

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