How to Remove the Singleplatform Link from your Business Listing on Google

Imagine this:

You’re having your coffee, you open some emails, check your accounts and then open Google to visit your website. You type in your company name and up pops your business listing. And then you notice a link that does not go to your website.

It looks something like this:

You click the link and it takes you to some generic webpage that does not represent your brand, you have no control over it, and there are form fills and phone numbers that you did not set up. There is another link near the bottom that urges you to “claim your listing”.

You can see what the page looks like below:

You’re probably wondering how this got there. Singleplatform is actually a decent-sized company, and they have earned Google’s trust to auto-magically add menus to business listings. This was meant for restaurants but “menus” have been added to service businesses like roofers and HVAC technicians. In the home services category there are a lot of companies that would have an issue with this.

When we initially encountered this problem we were not sure how this would play out. We contacted Google My Business support, and their team didn’t know what to do. They called a specialist, who gave us advice that let us temporarily remove the link, but it was back in less than a week.

Fixing this was painful and confusing and took multiple calls to Google and Singleplatform, some solid advice from Tom Waddington in the Google My Business community forums, and lots of tinkering in Google My Business, but our pain is your gain, and the guide below will explain not only how to remove the link, but how and why it got there in the first place.

How Singleplatform and Google Work Together

I spent about an hour talking to one of the reps at Singleplatform to discover how they work with Google. In this process I came across the one sure way to remove the link so it stays down. Singleplatform is not actually the one pushing the link to your profile; it is actually Google.

Singleplatform is an aggregator of restaurant menus. In the earlier years of the internet, there were all these websites that tried to provide menu and restaurant information, and they all tried doing it differently. Singleplatform brings together all of the restaurant and menu data, then cleans it so it can be provided in a user friendly manner. They then partner with other companies (like Google) to distribute the menu data. This is the important part – Singleplatform does not push the data out to Google properties, Google pulls the data from Singleplatform and applies it to business listings algorithmically. If their algorithm determines that they (Google) have access to data that is more accurate than what the business provides, it will add the Singleplatform link. If a company becomes a Singleplatform customer, then Singleplatform will “push” data out to web properties.

Remove Singleplatform’s Link in 5 Minutes 🙂

First, go to the listing page they created for your business and look for the 1-800 number near the bottom.

Call this number and tell them there is a listing that you want removed. They will ask you for the name of the business and the zip code. The first time we called this number, we got the button. No one picked up, so we called again later. They quickly promised to take down the listing in 3-4 days.

Four days passed and they didn’t remove the listing. The page was stripped down but the link still appeared on the business’s Google listing.

We are going to assume this happens to you as well when you try it. Once the page is stripped down in a few days, go into your Google My Business listing via and navigate to the info tab. You are going to change your main business category to restaurant.

I know it’s weird, but bear with me.

Once you change your category, wait a couple minutes and refresh the page. Follow these steps:

  1. There should be a new field labeled menu with the link. Go into the menu and change the URL to your homepage.
  2. Save and wait a couple more minutes.
  3. Refresh the page again.
  4. Now you can change your business category back. Make sure you change your business category back!
  5. Hit Save

Congratulations, you have successfully removed the singleplatform link from your business listing!

It is important that you keep your homepage URL in that menu field. Remember when I said Google’s algorithm determines whether or not to apply the Singleplatform link? If that field is left blank, Google may decide to reapply the link even after you’ve deleted it. Because this is something that has been added algorithmically, an account manager at Google cannot remove this link for you, which is why calling a Google My Business rep has not been a solution for this problem.

Google does make regular updates to their algorithm and may make this easier or harder to fix in the future. If you discover that this guide no longer works, let us know and we will update the process.

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