Picture this:

An older couple go out to buy a new laptop. They’re in their golden years, the kids are out on their own, their house is paid off, and they have a tidy sum saved up. They’re not super savvy when it comes to technology, but they know their way around the internet well enough and use a search engine to find local businesses and services.

Sounds realistic right?

Well guess what, sometimes the default search engine when you a buy a new laptop is Bing, and these couples don’t know enough or care enough to switch to Google.

Believe it or not Bing has 30% of the search share for desktop searches. And for many businesses, like home services, the folks I just described are their target market. If you’re a roofer specializing in metal roofing, you’re not going to sell squat to most Millennials starting their young family. Nope, you want the Empty Nesters.

They’re on Bing.

So that’s where you need to go too.

Now that I’ve sold you on the idea of adding some affluent customers to your prospect list, let’s get your business listed on Bing.

Use Google to Update your Listing on Bing

Ironically, we’re going to use your Google listing to update Bing. This means that your business information in Google My Business needs to be accurate. So first, go to business.google.com and make sure that your business info in your profile matches what’s on your website.

Next, you’re going to Bing places for business. I could provide the URL here, but you could just Bing it.

Haha, just kidding, here you go: https://www.bingplaces.com/

Once your screen loads, select Get Started and a new window will load. Now this is where you get to press the easy button. Go to the upper right hand corner and press sign in.

Bing will allow you to login using your Google profile! That’s some crazy good magic right there, because once you login Bing will again send you a prompt and import your business information directly from your Google My Business listing. Voila!

You can go in and customize your listing, add more photos and the like, and I encourage you to do so. Bing is something of a black box compared to Google when it comes to rankings, but having a verified business with a complete profile on Bing is a first step in the right direction to earning traffic from there.

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