Update 7/26/18: Just to make life for you a little easier I decided to add a couple buttons. One takes you to Google’s guidelines so you can make sure you’re in a good place, and the other takes you directly to the appeal request. Also, just so there’s no confusion, GMB = Google My Business. You’re welcome 🙂

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As a local business, you probably get the majority of your traffic and leads through Google search and the local map pack. These revenue generating channels are tied to your Google My Business account – meaning if your account is suspended, you will see your revenue drop. That’s why it’s crucial to fix this problem as soon as you can. If you’re not confident that you can tackle this yourself after reading this article, you can hire me for a one-time flat-rate of $499 as your representative using the form. Want to learn more about me? My name is Brett Elliott and I’m an SEO Consultant  from Des Moines, IA. I’ve worked on hundreds of local businesses and their GMB profiles. My job is to make sure people can find you when they need you on Google. Holler if you need me.


Update: Interestingly enough, after gathering all documentation requested Google reps ended up releasing us from suspension without seeing any of the paperwork. This suggests that the paperwork is overkill in most cases. I was very careful to ensure we were within their guidelines before requesting a reconsideration, and made sure they understood the circumstances behind the suspension.

I think a lot of SEOs forget there are people on the other end of the email, not just an automated process. I explained that the business owner didn’t understand the guidelines which led to the violation, showed that we understood what was incorrect and fixed the issue. After doing so they removed the suspension without needing to see the additional paperwork they initially requested. End update.

It’s not unusual to see a suspended listing on Google My Business, which can have a negative impact on your local rankings. So you’ll want to get this cleaned up as quickly as possible.

First, work with support to find out why your business was suspended. You will need to fix any problems with your listing that got it suspended before Google will release you from local search purgatory. You can reference the GMB guidelines here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/3038177?hl=en

One of the most common reasons I see listings getting suspended has to do with a change Google has made in enforcing their policies. There have been a lot of complaints from the SEO community that Google does not punish businesses who use false addresses to elevate themselves in search. That’s beginning to change as one of my clients was caught before coming to us (for shame).

Next you’ll want to submit a request for a Google rep to review your suspended listing. Hopefully you’ve done a good job eliminating the issues that got you suspended. If not, expect to go back to the drawing board. I’ve successfully opened tickets a couple of ways, but the most official method appears to be through a link here: https://support.google.com/business/answer/4569145?_ga=2.5011761.385560.1496763023-1458257484.1492522874

Click the blue text link that says “appeal to be reinstated” and it takes you to a page that looks like this:

Follow through the form and respond to the questions. Once completed you will be contacted by Google so they can follow through on your request. If that doesn’t work, I’ve successfully opened up tickets through the GMB listing by contacting support. It only takes a few minutes, so I’ve found it beneficial to do both just to be on the safe side. I strongly recommend going through a phone call. It’s much more efficient.

In my case, Google reps asked for paperwork proving that this is a real business that exists at the address stated on the paperwork. According to them, it’s standard process, so you should expect to need some third party verification of your physical existence.

Once everything is verified to be within guidelines Google should release you from suspension, though your individual situation may require more creativity or Google may elect not to release you from suspension depending upon the circumstances. You’ll have to follow their instructions before your listing is published. Sometimes I’m asked to complete an extra step and sometimes I don’t have to do anything. Your unique situation really does make a difference.

Good luck, please feel free to message me with any questions you may have.

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